Dermosol+ Syrup 950ml - Sugar Free - Pack of 2 - Patented Ayurvedic Syrup

Swaarnim Naturscience Limited

  • Rs. 1,080.00

Pures Blood, Helps in Skin Problems

Skin diseases like itching, eczema, ulcer of skin, urticaria, pruritis, psoriasis, summer boils, pimples, wounds, itching due to blood impurity & skin infections.

Pharmacological activities based upon research

Antiviral (विषाणुरोधी), Antibacterial (प्रतिजीवाणु), Anti-fungal (प्रति कवक), Anthelmintic (कृमिनाशक), Anti-inflammatory (शोथनाशक), Antiallergic (असात्म्यबाधारोधी), Anti-staphylococcal (स्टेफाइलोकोकल जीवाणु को तुरंत नष्ट करने वाला), Skin-photosensitizing (त्वक वर्ण्यप्रसादक).

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