Diabetes Mellitus (Treatment 1 month)

Diabetes Mellitus (Treatment 1 month)

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  1. Take Ayurvedic Dibex Syrup 6-6 Teaspoonful twice a day.
    1. Take Ayurvedic Dibecure Capsule 1-1 daily twice a day.
    2. Take Indian cow’s buttermilk daily one glass and drink it after lunch.
      1. Take One glass full of water and mix two Teaspoon full of Fenugreek-Seeds in it. Filter it in the early morning and drink it. Germinated Maithidana should be taken before meals.
        1. Take daily sweet gourd in the form of Hot soup+little amount of Black Peeper+ Dry Ginger+ 5-5 leaves of Tulsi+Mint (Pudina plant. or take 250 gms sweet gourd vegetable.
          1. Take 1-1 Teaspoonful of Fortex Pak (SF) twice a day.

            Note: Take the mentioned treatment for at least 12 months. You can start any other treatment or therapy along with cow urine therapy treatment. All the syrup & Capsules can be taken separately or by mixing in a cup, with or without adding water empty stomach in the early morning & one hour before dinner in the evening. If required use aniseed, cardamom, clove after taking syrup to refresh the mouth. In following complaints use given instructions-

            1.Loose Motions- In a ½ cup of lukewarm milk squeeze ½ lemon & drink it immediately. Repeat it 2-3 times in a day.

            2. Vomiting- Drink butter milk. Smell- hold your breath for a moment at the time of taking syrups so you will not experience smell. Gasses- Eat 1 TSP kings cumin & drink lukewarm water.

            3. Dose- Start the medicines in minimum doses 1 TSF & gradually increase it up to recommended doses within 4 -5 days.

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