Femaltin+ Syrup 950ml - Sugar Free - Pack of 2 - Patented Ayurvedic Syrup

Swaarnim Naturscience Limited

  • Rs. 1,080.00

Helpful in Gynecological Disorders

For the specific treatment of leucorrhoea. Relieves general weakness, backache and anxiety. Gomaya Bhasma is used in rasyoga like pratap Lankeshwar rasa. It is "Kledahara" hence useful in leucorrhoea.

Pharmacological activities based upon research

Galactagogue (दुग्धवर्धक प्रवाह), Anti spasmodic (दर्दनाशक), Lactogenic (दुग्धउत्सर्जक), Estrogeniomimetic (ईस्ट्रोजेन की तरह), Anabolic cum Androgen like activity (सृजनात्मक सह पौरूष वृध्दिकर). Oxytocic (गर्भाश्य संकोच वृध्दिकर), Ulterotonic (गर्भाश्यपोषक), Anti-progestational (गर्मावरोधक), Anti-estrogenic (मासिक धर्म नियामक), Anti Cancer and Anti oxidant (कैंसर अवरोधक एवं अपचयरोधक).

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