A2 Ghee, Pure Ghee, Gir Cow Ghee, Desi Ghee, Swaarnim Jains’ A2 Brahma Muhurta Ghee 500ml

Swaarnim Naturscience Limited

  • Rs. 1,260.00

  • VEDIC GHEE without the impurities (saturated fat, milk solids).
  • A2 GHEE with A2 protein made from A2 Milk of Indian Native Gir Cows.
  • 0% TRANS FAT no saturated fat
  • NON-GMO COWS not a product of genetic modification/engineering techniques.
  • GRASS-FED our cows graze in the forest.
  • AYURVEDIC products in our modern life bring back a sense of awareness, a sense of passion, purity and an overall feeling of wellbeing and promise.
  • SUPPORTING farmers and their cattle.
  • Made from Gir Cow Milk Yogurt with Bi-directional Churning Process. 

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