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Swaarnim Migraine Care

Swaarnim Migraine Care

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According to the World Health Organization (WHO), migraine is a leading cause of disability worldwide, affecting around 14.7% of the global population.

Migraine is a condition in which a person suffers from a severe headache characterized by intense pain which usually happens on one side of the head accompanied by nausea, vomiting and sensitivity to light and sound.According to ayurveda, root cause of  migraine is believed to be an accumulation of toxins in the body, which can lead to the constriction of blood vessels in the head and a disturbance in the flow of energy (prana) in the body. Ayurvedic treatment for migraine involves addressing the underlying imbalances in the body through a combination of herbal remedies This may include the use of herbs such as ginger, turmeric, and Shankhpushpi, etc. Ayurveda helps- 

  • Alleviate inflammation and reduce the severity of migraines.
  • Provide relief from headache pain.
  • Help reduce constriction of blood vessels in the head.
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    Why Us ?

    Patented and world class Ayurveda products. Trusted by more than 1 million customers. Research and developments from more than 2 decades.


    Key Herbs

    Migraine control

    Ayurvedic herbs are often used in the treatment of migraine due to their potential to provide relief and address the underlying causes of the condition. its calming and soothing effects on the nervous system. It may help reduce stress and anxiety, which can trigger migraines in some individuals. Herbs also reduce the frequency and intensity of migraines by reducing stress levels. Ayurvedic herbs provides natural treatment for various ailments without any side effects. It promotes healthy living and improves overall body functioning.

    Increase serotonin levels which greatly decreases anxiety and migraine

    Stimulates blood circulation to the brain.

    Combat fatigue and strengthen memory

    • Helps the body to relax and revitalise.
    • Stabilises the body’s response to migraine.
    • Reduces stress and anxiety.
    • Induces a calming effect.
    • Stimulates blood circulation to the brain.
    • Help reduce nausea, vertigo, and headache-related migraine.
    • Instant Relief to all types of Headaches.
    • Permanent Solution for Vertigo & Migraine.
    • Promotes a good sleeping experience.
    • Relieves Anxiety, Stress & Fatigue.

    • Someone who feels dizziness
    • Blurred vision
    • Sensitivity to light,sound and odour.
    • Fatigue and fever.
    • Nausea, vomiting and upset stomach.
    • Cold
    • warm chills.
    • Seeing wavy and jagged lines.
    • Temporary vision loss.

    Consume daily with your existing medication.

    • 2 capsules in the morning
    • 2 capsules before your sleep
    • We recommend Swaarnim ayurvedic capsules to be consumed lifelong as a natural supplement to improve overall health.

    What does the product do?

    Relaxes and revitalizes mind and body

    Ayurvedic formulations help stabilise the mind for proper functioning and reduce stress which causes migraine.

    Stimulates better blood flow

    Ayurveda helps purify and detoxify the body in order to promote doshic balances and overall wellness. It helps in relieving migraine pain.

    Promotes good sleeping experience

    By reducing severe headaches and frustration it calms down the mind and promotes good sleeping.


    The exact cause of migraines is unknown, but they're thought to be the result of abnormal brain activity temporarily affecting nerve signals, chemicals and blood vessels in the brain.

    The most common are migraine with aura (also known as a classic migraine) and migraine without aura (or common migraine). Other types include: Menstrual migraine.

    Migraine is a highly prevalent and disabling neurological disorder which is commonly linked with a broad range of psychiatric comorbidities, especially among subjects with migraine with aura or chronic migraine.

    Stress and migraines are linked in a vicious cycle. Stress in your life can trigger a migraine and keep it going. Chronic migraine pain can boost your stress. As many as 80% of people who get migraines list stress as a common trigger.

    Eat and sleep on a regular schedule and make sure you're drinking enough water, and never skip a meal. Lack of sleep can also aggravate symptoms so you must sleep for 7-8 hours. Even getting too much sleep can cause headaches, so don't try to make up for lost sleep by snoozing too long.

    Go to the ER if you are experiencing severe migraine symptoms, or symptoms such as confusion, fever and vision changes, neck stiffness, trouble speaking or numbness or weakness, even if other symptoms of migraine are present (e.g. light sensitivity, nausea).